Get to know, Joe…

With his Italian good looks and Yorkshire-born manners, Joe Hurd is bringing a new cooler charm to cooking. A self-proclaimed blue-collar cook, he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and creating Anglo-Italian food all can enjoy.

The son of a sailor, Joe is just as comfortable in a fish market as he is in a fancy restaurant. Spending his childhood stealing vegetables from his Grandpa’s allotments, rolling out sheets of pasta with his cousins and letting his Mum teach him to make Southern Italian delicacies.

Fast forward 20 years and Joe is a the latest celeb Chef to hit the scene accumulating impressive TV credits such as teaching children how to cook in the kitchen of ITV’s prime-time Saturday morning show The Munch Box, travelling Europe to find his ‘5 Best Things’ for the Travel Channel, and most recently showing off his latest recipes on Channel 5’s ‘The Saturday Show’ and BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen.

Far from being a food snob, Joe believes even a KFC can, with a little bit of alteration, be fine cuisine. He began his presenting career as co-founder of Studentcooking.tv, an online video channel for university students who, like Joe, wanted to cook from scratch without missing out on time down the pub. Since then he has worked in restaurants alongside revered chefs such as Francesco Mazzei, Claude Bosi and José Pizarro, as well as behind-the-scenes on shows for Paul Hollywood and Heston Blumenthal. But his real passion lies in his supper clubs where, true to his Yorkshire-Calabrian roots, he recreates the big family meals of his youth, usually consisting of 8-10 mouthwatering courses.

Snapped up by big brands including Galbani cheeses, Birra Morretti and Crosta Mollica, Joe also performs live cooking demonstrations at shows such as the BBC Good Food Show and The Women’s Institute Fair. If you can’t catch Joe in person, you just need to grab a copy of Delicious Magazine, BBC Good Food or even the Radio Times, for fantastic tips and recipes.

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